A place to contemplate the beauty of Christ & the beauty of creation; and to feel the stirring of the Spirit in your soul.

Who are the Friends of the Monastery?

We are an incorporated, non-profit association that is managing the affairs of the Monastery which was left vacant when the Anglican Sisters of St Clare left, in 1999.

What are our Goals?

1. To maintain and manage the existing facilities… in a way which continues to reflect the Franciscan tradition and which awakens the diocese and wider church to the value of a simpler lifestyle.

2. To promote at the Monastery, within the Franciscan tradition, the values of simplicity, peace, hope and healing for those seeking pilgrimage and contemplation in a beautiful and unique environment.

3. To provide a resource for individuals and groups to explore spirituality, peace and social justice through retreats, conferences and other similar activities.

4. To explore a long-term future for the Monastery.